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Cruella 2

Cruella 2: Emma Stone Returns in the Work-In-Progress Sequel – A Sneak Peek into the Cast, Development, and Potential Release Date

Get the latest scoop on Cruella 2, including release updates and who's joining Emma Stone in the much-awaited sequel to Disney's fashionable villain saga.

As a discerning follower of Disney’s cinematic adventures, my excitement burgeons with each morsel of news about Cruella 2, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the fashion-forward story of one of Disney’s most iconic villains. The development of Cruella 2 has been abuzz since not long after the theatrical and Disney+ debut in May 2021. Although the exact release date hovers out of grasp, the tidbits from within the industry suggest that progress is unfolding behind the glamourous velvet curtain. The original flick, which spun a new yarn for the infamous character from 101 Dalmatians, ensnared audiences with its darkly whimsical portrayal by the ever-versatile Emma Stone.

From what I’ve gathered, the production’s shaping up, with Emma Stone’s return as the titular villain ensuring the sequel’s place in the spotlight. Crafting the narrative further, reports tell of a script currently under refinement, poised to build upon the artistic foundation laid by Disney’s Cruella. It’s clear that fans and fashionistas alike are on the edge of their seats, waiting for the continuation of this particularly stylish saga.

Key Takeaways:

  • No official release date for Cruella 2 yet, but development is active.
  • Emma Stone’s zest to reprise her role promises a sequel infused with passion.
  • The sequel’s script is being fine-tuned, indicating meticulous dedication to storytelling.
  • Eager audiences anticipate how the sequel will further the lore of 101 Dalmatians.
  • Insights hint at Disney’s commitment to maintaining the high bar set by Cruella.
  • Speculation is rife about returning cast members and possible new faces.
  • Fashion will undoubtedly play a paramount role in the sequel, reflecting 1970s London’s punk rock influence.
Cruella 2

Anticipating the Arrival of Cruella 2: What We Know So Far

As I delve into the latest on the highly anticipated Cruella sequel, the excitement within the fandom is palpable, even without a confirmed potential release date. The hunger for details about the follow-up to Disney’s fashionably fiendish hit is met with an update on the development that suggests progress is being made behind the scenes. It’s thrilling to report that Emma Stone’s involvement remains as solid as ever, anticipating her return to the iconic role with as much style and gusto as she brought to the original.

Currently, the creative team is working on the script, with writer Tony McNamara pouring his talents into crafting a narrative that promises to continue where we left off. Emma Stone, our leading lady, has shared that the script is in the early stages, with her alluring tease that shooting could start “sooner rather than later.” The timelines may be hazy, but one thing is certain: the commitment to bringing to life a sequel that lives up to the iteration that so captivated audiences is unwavering.

Paul Walter Hauser, known for his role as Horace, had initially suggested that production could commence in 2023. Given the complexities of aligning director Craig Gillespie’s vision with the schedules of a bustling cast, those plans appear to be more aspirational than concrete at this point. Nevertheless, fans remain on the edge of their seats for more news, proving that the anticipation for the Cruella sequel only grows stronger with each tantalizing tidbit revealed.

The Evolution of Emma Stone’s Journey as Cruella De Vil

The arc of Emma Stone as the iconic Disney villain Cruella De Vil has been nothing short of spectacular. Portraying a transformative journey in the film ‘Cruella,’ Stone’s character, Estella, is thrust from the gritty punk rock environment of 1970s London into a maelstrom of fashion and revenge. Her metamorphosis is reflective not only of Stone’s versatility as an actress but also of the rich character development that Disney is known for. As we inch closer to the release of the sequel, fans are abuzz with sequel excitement, eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this fashion-forward story.

Cruella 2

From Estella to Cruella: The Character’s Transformation

My fascination with Estella’s character evolution is echoed by countless others as we witnessed her embrace the Cruella de Vil persona. This transformation—from a talented but unassuming designer to a captivating mastermind determined to claim her place in the fashion world—is a testament to the spellbinding allure of character development in storytelling. It is Estella’s interactions with the formidable Baroness, played by the prodigious Emma Thompson, that ignite her metamorphosis, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to the narrative.

Academy Award Winner Emma Stone’s Excitement for the Sequel

Having received substantial acclaim for her performance, Emma Stone’s enthusiasm about reprising the role of Cruella is palpable. Her journey illustrates the capacity for a character to redefine their destiny, an aspect that resonates strongly with me and with fans everywhere. Stone’s excitement reinforces the promise of a sequel laden with dramatic flair and her continued exploration into the depths of Cruella’s character.

Will Emma Thompson Return as the Formidable Baroness?

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Emma Thompson will return to embody the Baroness once again. The dynamic established between these two powerhouses is core to the plot and being able to witness the continuation of this on-screen tension captivates my imagination. The stakes are high, and the potential return of Thompson could once again elevate the narrative, delivering a captivating and intricately woven tale of triumph and treachery.

Cruella 2

Cruella 2 Cast: New and Familiar Faces

As I delve into the star-studded lineup for the anticipated sequel, the excitement is palpable for the fervent fans of Cruella 2. At the forefront, we have the incomparable Emma Stone, who’s set to don her iconic role as the fashion-forward and notorious Cruella. Stone’s embodiment of this character has been nothing short of mesmerizing, amplifying the anticipation for her return.

Emma Stone Confirmed to Reprise Her Iconic Role

In her continuation as the titular character, Emma Stone will explore the depths of Cruella’s zealous ambitions and capacity for revenge. Her return not only solidifies the sequel’s foundation but also teases the complexities of Cruella’s future exploits in the fashion industry and beyond.

The Fate of the Baroness and Potential New Adversaries

While the fate of Emma Thompson as the formidable Baroness von Hellman hangs tantalizingly in the balance, it’s this ambiguity that ignites the imagination of what could come. The potential for new adversaries looms large on the horizon, offering a stirring challenge to Cruella’s ascent. The dynamic interplay between these characters will pivotally shape the sequel’s narrative, weaving a web of drama and suspense.

Supporting Cast: The Return of Horace and Others

Among the returning ensemble, we find Paul Walter Hauser reprising his role as the unpredictable yet endearing Horace. His rapport with the supporting cast lays the groundwork for a continuity of the camaraderie seen in the first film, as well as the potential emergence of stirring new conflicts. The sequel promises an expansion of the narrative universe with the integration of fresh faces, each poised to leave an indelible mark on the legacy of Cruella.

Cruella 2

Styling Cruella: Fashion’s Role in the Sequel

As I delve into the anticipated sequel of Disney’s Cruella, I can’t help but marvel at the pivotal role that fashion will undoubtedly play once again. In ‘Cruella 2’, the sartorial storytelling continues to weave its thread through the very heart of the plot, with the iconic Cruella’s style set to evolve within the vivid backdrop of 1970s London. The original film set a high bar with its punk rock inspired ensembles, which became instantaneously emblematic of Cruella’s rebellious character. It’s clear that the sequel intends to elevate this even further, promising audiences more of those glamorous pranks that seamlessly blend narrative and style.

Makeup artists, such as the acclaimed Nadia Stacey, are integral to translating the script to the screen through visual artistry. Their expertise shapes the look and feel of characters in tandem with fashion choices. In my view, their contribution to ‘Cruella 2’ will be critical in crafting a look that captures the essence of Emma Stone’s character and her haute couture escapades. The sequel is posed not just as a theatrical release but as a fashion showcase, unveiling the next chapter in the defiantly fashionable saga of one of Disney’s most notorious villains.

And let’s not forget, the fashion in ‘Cruella 2’ isn’t merely for aesthetics. It serves as character development, allowing the audience to grasp the deeper complexities of Emma Stone’s Cruella. As she navigates new adventures and faces adversaries, her fashion is a visual symphony of her current state, be it triumphant, cunning, or downright diabolical. It’s thrilling to anticipate how her style will convey this evolution and influence the tone of the entire film. Without a doubt, ‘Cruella 2’ speaks to my love of fashion as both a viewer and a storyteller, eagerly awaiting the interplay of haute couture silhouettes and the richness of character that only Disney can conjure.

The development of Cruella 2, the much-anticipated sequel to Disney’s hit 2021 movie, is gaining momentum. Here’s everything we know so far: Emma Stone is set to reprise her role as the iconic Disney villain, Cruella De Vil, with the sequel promising to dive deeper into Cruella de Vil’s complex character. Director Craig Gillespie and writer Tony McNamara, pivotal in crafting the first movie’s unique style, are also on board for this sequel. While the potential release date is still a ‘work in progress kind of thing’, fans are hopeful to see the sequel sooner rather than later. The first Cruella film, a twisted take on the Disney villain, not only showcased Emma Stone’s exceptional talent but also brought to life characters like Baroness von Hellman, portrayed by Emma Thompson, and Mark Strong. The busy schedules of director Craig Gillespie and star Emma Stone, both highly acclaimed in their fields, are being navigated to bring this project to fruition. As the Cruella sequel develops, it joins the ranks of eagerly awaited sequels like those seen in Ozark Season 5, Sons of Anarchy Season 8, Yellowstone Season 5, and The Walking Dead Season 12, promising another captivating portrayal of one of Disney’s most complex characters.


Is there a release date for Cruella 2?

As of my latest information, a specific release date for Cruella 2 hasn’t been announced. The development of Cruella 2 is ongoing, with hopes pinned on starting production sooner rather than later.

Will Emma Stone return for the sequel to Disney’s Cruella?

Yes, Emma Stone is confirmed to reprise her role as the iconic Disney villain Cruella de Vil in the Cruella sequel.

Has the script for Cruella 2 been completed?

The script for Cruella 2 is currently a work in progress. Writer Tony McNamara, who penned the first movie, is actively working on the script for the sequel.

What do we know so far about the development of Cruella 2?

We know that the sequel is in the works, with Emma Stone set to return and Tony McNamara working on the script. The production is aiming to start shooting hopefully sooner rather than later, but an exact timeframe has not been set due to the busy schedules of the director Craig Gillespie and star Emma Stone, as well as industry delays.

Will Emma Thompson reprise her role as the Baroness in the Cruella sequel?

Emma Thompson’s return as the Baroness has not been officially confirmed for the sequel. Her involvement is still up in the air, and fans are eagerly waiting for more updates on her role.

Who else from the original cast can we expect to see in Cruella 2?

In addition to Emma Stone, it’s anticipated that other members of the supporting cast from the first film, such as Paul Walter Hauser as Horace, will be returning. However, the full Cruella 2 cast details have not been fully disclosed as of yet.

How will fashion play a role in Cruella 2?

Fashion will continue to be a central theme in Cruella 2 as it was in the first film. We can expect Cruella’s style to evolve, showcasing more glamorous pranks and punk rock influences from 1970s LondonMakeup artists, including Nadia Stacey from the original film, are likely to contribute to the stylish and theatrical aesthetics of the sequel.

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